Tim Reid, Jr.

Tim Reid, Jr. - Singer-Songwriter, Vocalist, Pianist, Producer

The voice of Tim Reid, Jr. taps into something uniquely personal in all of us while entertaining and captivating with a gentle charisma. Growing up listening to a healthy combination of Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson, followed quickly by an intense love of jazz greats like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Wayne Shorter, formed a foundation for a true lover of “the song.” Jazz allows Reid to take that song into new and exciting places each time the melody is resurrected, and this is what followers and fans of Tim Reid, Jr. have enjoyed witnessing throughout his career.

Chicago, IL is the city that has contributed most to forming Tim Reid, Jr. as a musical artist, allowing for a great diversity of musical styles and venues.  As a vocalist, pianist/keyboard player, songwriter and arranger, Reid has supported scores of jazz, rock, and various pop artists over the past decade.  A two-year stint with the Chicago Indie/Jam band 56 Hope Road forged Reid as an award-winning “road warrior,” playing over 200 shows a year, in 40 of the 50 states.  Many nights at The Green Mill in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, formed relationships with some of today’s brightest jazz musicians, and the tens of other notorious and treasured music venues all played an important role in shaping Tim Reid, Jr. as a performer and versatile entertainer.

Today, Tim Reid, Jr. is based in Los Angeles, CA, getting a fresh look at things and turning heads quickly with the brand-new release of the album Not Much Else to Do.  Cuts have already hit the airwaves of both coasts (89.5 WHRV in Norfolk, VA The Vocal Sound of Jazz; and LancerRadio.org, Pasadena, CA), and a fall tour of the Midwest will bring Reid back into familiar territory.